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Vic opposition slams child protection delay

Posted on : 10-09-2020 | By : admin | In : 플래티넘 카지노

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Vic opposition slams child protection delay

Solicitor General Bob Biersack released a statement Tuesday saying the delay in the release of the report may be an attempt by the Attorney General’s office to cover its tracks.

“This report is an important tool to inform the public and to make clear the serious safety issues which exist in Ontario. While there are certainly some issues in some aspects of the report and the public, 블랙 잭we think it’s important that anyone who would provide any information with the Attorney General’s office get the benefit of the doubt.”

Sylvia Desjarlais, the NDP’s Minister of Children and Family Development, said it is important the public sees what is being done with this re에비앙 카지노port.

“They are holding this report for over a year as the Attorney General’s office is making an effort to keep it closed,” she said. “How is this going to make children safer? The answer is not very well. This is simply a politically motivated effort to hide the reality that there are real safety issues that need to be addressed.”

An earlier version of this story stated that the report stated there were two cases of child protection failures at the Ontario home of Brian May베스트 카지노, while in fact one child was found.

The government is investigating two child abuse cases at May’s home: one involving a six-year-old girl who died, the other a two-year-old boy who is still not answering his teachers’ questions about his past life in the West.